I hope all is well with your family during these trying times.

We in El Salvador are feeling the sting of the Coronavirus as well.   Even though there has not been many cases in my country the government has taken unprecedented steps  to stop the spread of this virus before it gets gets more dangerous for us.

As a result most functions of my country have come to a halt.  All schools are closed.  All private clinics are closed.  The stores in the malls are closed as well as the airport, All people are required to stay in their homes only going out for food and medical emergencies.

My five children are safe in San Salvador but I am unfortunately still in the LA area where I have been since March 1.  I was planning on going back on March 17 but then the shut down began.  I am therefore here in the US until the government lifts the restrictions in my country.

Of course the colegio is closed as well as the clinic since it is not considered a public clinic.  I have been told by the teachers that they are sending homework to the students via WhatsApp so the children are continuing to learn where possible.   The clinic as stated is completely shut down and all doctors and nurses are no longer providing services to the poor in the area of Chalatenango.  This is particularly bad because the clinic is the only place where doctors provide many different specialties. Otherwise the people must go to San Salvador, which is at least a 3 hour bus ride away.   So we will all need to pray that this situation is over as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the laws of my country state that the teachers at the colegio and the nurses at the clinic must be paid during this time even though neither of them is opened.

We have always been on a tight budget but we have never had to plan for such a situation as exists now.  Since the clinic is closed no funds from patients are coming in.   Since the colegio is closed many of the parents do not pay the tuition.

That being the case we are asking our good friends if they can help to support our requirement to pay the required salaries.   We hope the shut down will last for only one month.  If that is the case we will need an additional amount of $5000 for teachers salaries and $3000 to pay for the salary of the nurses.  

The funds needed on this campaign are urgent since payday is around the corner. That is why are goal is to raise the funds by April 22, 2020. 

Is it possible to ask for your support during this time of need?  Please click here to donate or push the donate button below to go to our donate screen.   Thank you so much.

May God Bless You

Fr Rafael Fuentes