The bakery cooperative was started several years ago by Padre Fuentes. His idea was to provide a sustainable way for some of the people in Agua Caliente to support their families. In Jan 2010, the cooperative was set up next to the church, in town. Through various contacts, Padre Fuentes was able to acquire some used bakery equipment and then allowed a few people of the town to begin the task of setting up the bakery and selling the goods to the village residents. All revenue generated was used for ingredients and returned to the workers as a small salary. The operation employed 4 people and stayed at the location until it was decided to relocate it to the colegio.

In 2012, after completion of a new building, the bakery was moved to the colegio. The bakery remains independent and continues to produce delicious breads, rolls, and donuts for sale to local families. In addition, a curriculum has been developed for the upper grades at the colegio. All students learn the art of baking, and more importantly, how to manage a small business.

This is an important addition to the colegio, because it is a practical skill that many students will be able to utilize. In El Salvador, there are numerous small businesses like the bakery, so students are developing knowledge and skills that may be helpful to them in the future.

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