Across from the bakery at the colegio, a building stands ready for a carpentry shop. Woodworking equipment was acquired from donors in the United States in 2012 and a curriculum has been developed to teach students this trade. It is the hope of Padre Fuentes to set up a cooperative similar to the bakery, where several residents of Agua Caliente would utilize the shop for their own trade and also provide instruction to the students.

However, it has been much more difficult to get this project off the ground. Although the carpentry shop would provide employment for several village residents and further develop the small business skills of the students, it has been hard to retain a teacher or find employees for the cooperative. In 2014, the only carpenter in town did give some classes, but he didn’t work out as a teacher. In 2017, the colegio hired a carpenter who formerly worked at a school in San Salvador teaching exactly the sort of class imagined by Padre. While the situation isn’t ideal, as the teacher commutes each day from San Salvador, it is at least a step in the right direction.

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