Thanks to your support, Edgar has been sponsored for the 2015 school year!


Edgar is his first year of high school at the public high school in Agua Caliente. He is studying for a three-year vo-tech diploma in accounting. Last year, he graduated from ninth grade at PNARDS.

He comes from a very poor family that lives in the mountains, in a very small village named “Cañitas”. Edgar’s father, José Leonides, is a farmer, his mother is a housekeeper. Edgar has four brothers (Jorge, Elmer, Wilmer and Marvin). Jorge, his oldest brother, is attending college in San Salvador with the support of Padre Fuentes and a sponsor from the United States. Two of his brothers live in the United States, and his youngest brother is still living at home.

Life was never easy for Edgar when he was living up in the mountains. In order to go to a public school, Edgar had to walk down from the mountains an hour and a half (and two hours going back up) from Monday through Friday. Edgar says: “Now I am so happy that I do not have to walk far away in order to attend to school”.

Edgar is a good kid and very helpful around the school, where he lives. He likes to play soccer. His dream is to study very hard and one day to become an agricultural engineer. He really hopes that with Padre’s help, and the help of other generous people, his dreams and goals will come true.